23 - 25 September 2018, Dubai

Product Sections

Lighting Technology
Spotlights and projectors, multifunctional spotlights, lighting effects and mood lighting, lighting controls, ceiling rail systems, specific accessories for lighting technology.
Prolight+Sound Middle East-Lighting Technology
Laser Technology and Effects
Laser technology effects.
Prolight+Sound Middle East-Laser Technology and Effects 
Stage Technology
Event floors, stage floors, mobile stages, stage construction and canopies, stages platforms and stage elements, grandstands, revolving stages, stage controls, over stage equipment, under stage equipment, lifts, automation, stage-management systems, dance floors, mobile roofing systems, specific accessories for stage technology.
Prolight+Sound Middle East-Stage Technology
Truss Systems
Trusses and towers, motors and motor controls, winches, chain hoists, lifting gears, fittings, connectors.
Prolight+Sound Middle East-Truss Systems 
Sound Equipment
Microphones and accessories, amplifiers, mixing desks and effects, recording and reproduction equipment.
Prolight+Sound Middle East-Sound Equipment 
Conference and Communication Technology
Conference technology, communication technology.
Prolight+Sound Middle East-Conference and Communication Technology 
PA Equipment
Loudspeakers and headphones, building and room acoustics, specific accessories for sound and pa equipment.
Prolight+Sound Middle East-PA Equipment 
Equipment, Infrastructure and Furnishings
Art department, theatre seating, cloakroom installations, rental furnishings, toilet facilities, energy, management, emergency generators, cashdesks/ticketing, rental tents, light construction halls and buildings, fairconstruction, location/destination, other infrastructure/furnishings, planning software, event-service provider.
Prolight+Sound Middle East-Equipment, Infrastructure and Furnishings